The 10 best gifts for padel players

The 10 best gifts for padel players

Written por Alan octubre 10, 2021

What are the best gifts for padel players? You've come to the right place. If you have someone who is passionate about padel to buy for but you’re lacking inspiration, you’ll love our curated list of gift ideas.

Here are the top 10 gifts that different types of padel and fitness addicts will love to receive: 

1. An environmentally friendly water bottle that self-cleans 

It’s become quite a faux pas to use plastic water bottles in recent years (and rightfully so!). Cue a wide variety of stylish, reusable and insulated bottles flooding the market.  After doing some research we found LARQ, which has made the first self-cleaning bottle we’ve seen.  

The bottle intelligently turns on every 2 hours to purify both the water you put inside as well as clean the bottle surface itself. Beyond this unique feature, insulation keeps cold liquids cold for 24 hours and enables hot liquids to maintain their temperature for 12 hours.   

LARQ Self-cleaning water bottles


2. A timeless sports apparel 

At Epirus, we're constantly looking for ways of making our bags and apparel more versatile whilst ensuring the items are first and foremost designed for padel and other racket sports. Case in point: our brand new cropped leggings. The four way stretch fabric is figure flattering, breathable and fluid with every movement. A unique rear ball pocket holds up to two padel balls in place and out of the way. When the pocket isn't used it lies flat and is virtually invisible. Playing in cool weather? These leggings are warm without being bulky. Playing in warm weather? The cropped fit prevents overheating. Needless to say, the cropped legging style is right at home in the gym, at spin class or at yoga practice.

Designed to wear with the leggings, the timeless tank is made from a buttery-soft, performance fabric with plenty of stretch for a flattering fit. Slightly cropped so that it's the perfect siloutette for padel (it doesn't need to be tucked in but doesn't ride up too high whilst hitting serves or overheads) this is a classic piece that has staying power. You can't go wrong gifting a high quality staple that works both on and off the court.  

Epirus Timeless Tennis Tank and Cropped Tennis Leggings

Play tennis, train or relax. This performance short is a great choice for pretty much everything. The modern fit means just the right amount of room, in just the right places. Lightweight and quick drying materials will make these shorts the go-to option every time.
Equally versaile, the men's crew is a great option for all racket sports and off the court engagements. Set after set, this abrasion-resistant fabric never stops feeling buttery soft against sweaty skin. This naturally breathable crew moves from workouts to whatever's next.  

3. Technical layers you can actually play in

Like lawn tennis, padel can be played in a variety of climates. For the truly hardcore padel or platform tennis fans that play in near freezing weather, consider getting them high performance outerwear.

Arc’teryx is a premium outdoor apparel brand which has created thin, breathable yet astonishingly warm vests and mid-layer jackets. We love the mid-layer Atom LT vest, available for both men and women. If they aren’t the vest / gilet wearing type (some people aren't!), consider a jacket designed for trail running or a cosy hoodie made of technical fleece    


Arc'teryx Fleece Hoodie



4. A versatile racket bag for juggling work, travel, padel and more

Does the padel player in your life juggle work, travel and other active pursuits? The Epirus racket bag collections were created with this exact lifestyle in mind.  The range covers a wide variety of use cases: the Borderless Backpack has a modern, sleek shape which sets it apart from sportier options on the market and has a gender-neutral feel.

The Transition Tote is an obvious choice for someone that is dedicated to both padel and yoga.  The 24 Hour Bag was designed with the daily commute yet is large enough to elegantly stow padel essentials without any excess bulk. The Weekend Bag comes in 2 sizes and allows for seamless transition between business, sport and travel.  
All of the bags in the Signature Collection are made with Italian canvas and calf leather and carry at least 2 rackets. The bags are handmade in Europe in small batches, so the gift recipient gets the added cachet of carrying something completely unique.

Epirus London Everyday Racket Bag Collectionshop the everday collection


 Epirus London Signature Racket Bag Collectionshop the signature collection


5. Luxe, high performing socks that give back

We’ve recently stumbled across Bombas, which is a comfort-focused sock and apparel brand. We were impressed by both the engineering and aesthetics apparent in a multitude of sock styles which are lightweight, purpose-built for running, working out and movement. 

Which model is the most on target for padel players? The
Performance Running Ankle Sock has features such as strategic zone cushioning and airflow ventilation which are vital during long, intense matches. The best part? Bombas donates a pair of socks in tandem with each pair purchased.  


Bombas Performance Running Socks

6. Comfortable (and stylish) flip flops to slip on post-match

Shoes for racket sports have come a long way in recent years. However, given the rigidity needed for both the durability of the soles as well as support for lateral movement, they simply aren’t the most comfortable type of footwear around. Knowing this, a great gift idea is a pair of stylish and cushioned flip flops that match activewear. This pair from Toms checks all the boxes plus has the laudatory charity angle covered. 


Toms Flip Flops   


7. A mini bike computer with superior navigation

Is the person you’re buying for an avid cyclist? Consider buying them a Velo from Beeline that helps simplify navigation while recording speed, distance and time. Addressing the pain point of endlessly stopping to check that you’re headed the right way on your phone, this device allows you to confirm your route at a glance. Route planning is done quickly and simply in the companion app and then the user just pops the phone safely away in a bag or pocket, and they’re ready to go. 


Beeline Velo Bike Computer


8. An intelligent skipping rope

Whether it’s for a practice session or a match, it’s never a good idea to walk out onto the court without a proper warm up. Skipping ropes are an extremely efficient option and super compact to pack.

In the category of a functional gift that someone wouldn’t automatically buy themselves, consider the smart skipping rope from Tangram.  The rope is connected to the Smart Gym app which collects data about workout time, number of jumps and calories burned. For the ambitious skipper, the app also suggests a variety of interval cardio workouts beyond merely using the rope for warm up purposes. 

Smart Skipping Rope


9. Powdered shampoo that activates with water

Two things are undeniably true: it’s very rare to find quality toiletries in gyms and racket clubs AND shampoo escaping it’s bottle and spilling in your bag is THE WORST. With this in mind, we were very intrigued when we came across powered shampoo from OWA Haircare.

The concentrated powder shampoo turns into a sudsy lather when mixed with water and has the same benefits of a liquid shampoo, but in a more sustainable, powder form. The powder is formulated with milk surfactants derived from coconut oil, plant-based rice protein, and aloe vera to condition and hydrate locks. Light and easy to port around with none of the risk of spillage? Great innovation. 

OWA Haircare - Dry Shampoo


10. A compact microfibre sports towel that holds 4x its weight in water


This convenient travel gym towel folds into a tiny pouch, making it super portable and saving space in a racket bag. The pouch is made of breathable mesh to help keep odors and bacteria from festering, and it features a handy carabiner you can use to clip it onto your bag. Made with 100-percent microfiber, this towel is a great size to use at changeovers during intense matches. 

Microfibre Sports Towels

Bonus gift ideas


11. Padel wristbands

Accessories are always a great option for padel players and lots of people use sweatbands when playing. Large or extra large sizes are especially good for warm locations. These Adidas Padel wristbands come in a variety of colours and sizes.

Adidas Padel wristband sweatband white large


12. Tacky Padel Overgrips


Every avid Padel player replaces the overgrip on their bat regularly. So a pack of overgrips is another great little accessory to give as a gift. Tournagrip's "Mega Tac" overgrips are particularly sticky and last longer than the average tacky grip.

Adidas Black Padel Grips

What are your favourite padel gifts to give or receive? Let us know in the comments below. 

Alan Kelly
Alan Kelly


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