The top 5 non-tennis uses for your Epirus bag

The top 5 non-tennis uses for your Epirus bag

by Alan 5월 02, 2018

We believe a fulfilling life means balancing family, friends, work, sports, fitness and adventure. So we create bags that help people integrate all these parts of their lives and look great while doing it.

We’re on a mission to create the best racket bags in the world for people with full, diverse lives who need a bag that suits the variety of their day-to-day lives. By combining timeless style with the right functionality for the modern active lifestyle, we are redefining what racket bags should be.

The Epirus collection has 4 preeminent guiding principles: versatility, quality, design-forward and bespoke.

Expanding on each in turn:

‘Versatility’ means creating racket bags that look great in any environment and function perfectly for work, sport & travel.

‘Quality’ means partnering with expert craftspeople who make each bag by hand as well as using materials that stand the test of time and age impeccably.

‘Design-forward’ means thinking innovatively about shapes, functionality and materials and intentionally avoiding using the existing racket bags available on the market as guidance.

Finally, ‘bespoke’ plays into our bags because as life long tennis players we know what is truly needed (and not needed) in a bag that is fit for purpose both on and off the court.

1. The Epirus collection is used to travel

Our customers are frequent travellers and seize the opportunity to slot physical activity into their trips. However, travelling with rackets can be a minefield - especially if you’re carrying a big, bulky traditional tennis bag.

We kept flying in mind when we designed the dimensions of each bag and have 3 bags that can be carried on board the plane (see the extensive research to prove it).

Beyond the size of the bags, interior and exterior pocketing cater for easy organisation of personal documents and in-flight accessories as well - something that is always front of mind when purchasing luggage.

Epirus tennis bags for air travel 

Epirus tennis bags on court off court

2. Epirus bags are used for all other racket sports

Whether our customers play a combination of squash, badminton, padel, real tennis, or racquetball, their gear fits perfectly.

What equipment are we talking about and what’s the big deal? All Epirus bags carry at least 2 rackets (and 3+ for sports that use smaller frames), apparel, shoes, balls and accessories (like overgrips, strings, towel etc).

However, what makes them inherently versatile is that in addition to these items, Epirus bags also fit everything needed for the work day: laptop, tablet, notebook, chargers, and work apparel. Have you ever tried to carry a laptop and tablet in a 6 racket tennis bag? Exactly.

How will this impact your routine? You can play a racket sport before or after work and only need to take one bag to get you through the day in style.


Epirus racket bags for squash players

3. The Epirus backpack is perfect for cycling

Tennis backpacks are popular for good reason. The comparatively compact size make them much less cumbersome to haul around. However, if you’ve tried to cycle with one of the mass market bags, you will have found the racket handles uncomfortably hit against the back of your head/helmet. Not to mention the zips come open over time as your rackets move around.

The Epirus backpack solves this by enabling the zipper to lock the rackets in place either diagonally or vertically. This flexibility makes cycling much more pleasant (and safe!).  Although the shape of the Epirus backpack makes it look very compact it still fits all your critical gear. 

Epirus tennis bags for cycling

4. Epirus bags make stylish gym bags

Our customers’ exercise routine extends beyond playing racket sports, so they use their Epirus bags as their go-to gym bag whether they’re doing yoga, spin, pilates, boot camp, boxing, barre, crossfit or simply their own program at the gym. 

Epirus tennis bags on court off court

5. The backpack and 24 hour bag are used as an everyday work bag

Many of our customers carry rackets to work but hate having to juggle multiple bags when commuting - especially on crowded public transport. Not to mention the fact that traditional tennis bags also stick out in the office.

Since Epirus bags are not just racket bags but lifestyle bags they look at home in formal work settings even with rackets inside. This allows our customers to get rid of a large number of single use bags in their closets replacing them with one well-made, timeless product.

Epirus tennis bags on court off court

Have we missed any ways in which you use your Epirus bag? We would love to hear from you so please comment below. 

Alan Kelly
Alan Kelly


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