The best experience gifts for tennis players

The best experience gifts for tennis players

by Kristin 12월 10, 2018

If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect experiential gift for the tennis lover in your life this post will come in very handy. We’ve researched the top unique and thoughtful intangible gift ideas that are sure to received with much appreciation.

For the person always honing their game

Have someone to buy for that loves working on technical and tactical aspects of their game? Two tennis-themed online classes have recently launched featuring Andre Agassi and Serena Williams worth checking out. Andre’s curriculum includes a series of drills that students can do alone or with partners as well as strategic advice about how to keep opponents off-balance and guessing. Williams's online course includes a 15 page workbook on how to become a better, more powerful server and some thinking on the mental side of the game. Thinking of paring this gift with something tangible? Check out this list which includes the Babolat POP for people that value parsing data related to their game.

For someone that is a super fan of a famous pro

If the person you’re buying for avidly follows a specific retired or active pro, considering buying them an on and off court experience from IfOnly. There are many famous faces on the roster including Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, Madison Keys, Todd Martin, James Blake and Brad Gilbert. You can choose from an existing experience or create a custom one that better fits your requirements or taste. For instance, if you have £45K to spend, your gift recipient can spend 3 days in Vegas while fitting in a hit with Andre and Steffi. Or, if your friend would be more interested in seeing how their game stacks against a current touring pro, you can arrange a hit with Dennis Novikov for under £1000. The price tags on IfOnly are considerable but the unique memories generated from the experience will surely be lifelong.

For someone that loves watching live tennis

Are you part of a couple or friend group that loves the drama and spectacle of live tennis? Considering getting tickets to a Grand Slam in 2019. Securing Wimbledon tickets is no small feat, so we’ve written a guide to help sort out different options. Is the Big Apple more your scene? Our post on attending the US Open will get your planning started.

Want to couple the tickets with something tangible? The Epirus collection was designed for active living, including travel. Plus, if you’re planning on playing tennis yourself during the US Open or Wimbledon, the Epirus bags are a great option to fly with as they fit the guidelines issued by all major airlines. The bags are handmade in Europe in small batches, so the gift recipient experiences the added cachet of carrying something unique.

For someone that always plays a bit of tennis on holiday

If you’re reading this post, you probably have friends or partners that love active holidays. If one of those activities is tennis, we have created a guide to the best tennis resorts in the world which feature varying degrees of sport versus relaxation. Check out the list to see which resorts and academies are ideal for running into famous pro players training between tournaments, getting some serious coaching and improving your game or for mostly relaxing but also play a bit of tennis along the way just before happy hour...

Bucket list territory

If you’re a tennis fan yourself, the Necker Cup might already be on your radar. Billed as the world’s most exclusive Pro-Am, Sir Richard Branson hosts the festivities with the support of 60 staff on his private island. The list of 16 professionals attending each year is always impressive: Mike Bryan, Tommy Haas, Genie Bouchard and Daniel Nestor attended in 2018. The price tag for this once in a lifetime experience is steep ($115K for a couple to play in the handicapped tournament; $45K per couple that isn’t interested in playing) but any profits go to charity. Beyond playing tennis, during this 6-day event guests can get involved with a variety of activities including paddle boarding, Pilates, sailing, kite boarding, wake boarding, snorkeling and massage therapy.

Hope this added a little inspiration to your gift brainstorming! 

Kristin Price
Kristin Price


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