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The top 20 tennis-themed social media profiles you need on your newsfeed

by Kristin 10월 16, 2017

With loads of compelling stories in 2017, tennis is soaring in popularity. Whether it's the dominance of #Fedal and their race to #1 after dismantling the fields in all 4 Grand Slams this year, or Serena becoming a mother, or Sharapova battling back after her suspension, there hasn't been a dull moment.

As long-term avid tennis players and fans, we have a fair amount of tennis-related content permeating our social media newsfeeds. So we created a list of our favourites to help you stay up to date with everything that's happening on & off the court (including some off-piste accounts for the real aficionados out there). In case we missed any of your favourite accounts, let us know in the comments below. 

Instagram - The obvious list

Roger Federer

Follow him if -
You want to keep tabs on the GOAT. Just kidding (sort of)! Roger shows his unique ability to avoid taking himself too seriously given his singular stature within the game and beyond. Whether it’s taking his Grand Slam trophies to exotic locations,  rocking out with some fellow pros - the #backhandboys - for a surprisingly catchy rendition of ‘Hold me now’, or having a bit of a bromance with fellow Laver Cup Team Europe members, his feed is always engaging.  

Rafa Nadal

What to expect -
An account showing the immense passion Rafa has for the game. His content is almost exclusively tennis-themed, but we’d expect nothing less from the game’s preeminent warrior. You get glimpses of Nadal’s love for football and his family from the account, as well as his new Academy. In 2017, there has also been an inordinate amount of victory celebrations at some pretty high profile events...

US Open

Follow the account if -
You like striking imagery and keeping up to date on the men’s and women’s professional tennis tours. The account mixes nostalgia for America’s Grand Slam with current news about tennis pros both on and off the court. A recent clip of an insane point between Venus Williams and Martina Hingis early in their careers is emblematic of the types of gems unearthed.


What to expect -
An account chalk full of content from the hallowed grounds of the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club. On the face of it this might seem rather dull, but the almost unparalleled drama that takes place each year in SW19 makes for compelling posts. There are highlights, moments of levity, and images that remind us just how much players care about a title at incomparable Wimbledon.

Caroline Wozniacki

Follow her account if - 
You appreciate consistently solid performances in a women's tour full of flux where stars come and go at the top of the rankings. Caro's account presents a tennis star that is grounded, maintains a positive outlook and doesn't take herself too seriously even though she has a thriving side career as a model.  

Instagram - For the die-hard fans

Functional Tennis

Follow the account if -
You’re inspired by some intense tennis training footage. This account captures both pros and amateurs breaking a sweat and honing their game both on and off the court. Even if you’ve spent more than 10,000 hours grinding away between the lines, you’ll still be treated to some unorthodox drills you’ve probably never encountered before.  

Racquet Mag

What to expect -
Some seriously obscure and eye-catching vintage tennis-focused content which is always connected in some way to a current event. Exhibit A: a very young and innocent looking Jonny Mac. Exhibit B: Andre Agassi in the 80s (never gets old, does it?). The account gives you a glimpse into the offbeat and quirky nature of Racquet Magazine - a publication that tennis aficionados will relish if they’re interested in delving deeper into the game and it’s tangential history more than modern commentary tends to do.  

Nike Court

Follow the account if -
You’d appreciate a regular dose of stunning black and white images of your favourite players sponsored by Nike. Tennis is an inherently stylish sport and the feed coming from this account does it justice in spades.

Grand Slam Tennis Tours

What to expect -
If you’ve ever contemplated joining a group of fellow tennis fans to attend one of the preeminent events on the WTA and ATP Tours, this feed will give you a sense of what could be in store. From meet and greets with pro players to luxe accommodations to premium seats at the events themselves, we are dying to sign up for a tour in 2018.

7.6 in the third

Follow the account if -
You’re interested in seeing some rather creative images of tennis courts. Rather than showing run-of-the-mill pictures of immaculate courts in posh clubs or resorts, Josh posts have a derelict and dilapidated character. Many of his posts have a unique, earthy beauty to them (with a tinge of dystopia) that we certainly appreciate.

Twitter - The obvious list

Andy Roddick

Follow him if -
You’re still lamenting the fact that Andy has retired from pro tennis and is no longer providing a steady stream of eventful press conferences. His sarcastic, self-deprecating sense of humour is still intact on twitter and it’s heart-warming to see that he spends an immense amount of time on non-profit causes. In case you missed it, his earnest Hall of Fame induction speech is well worth a watch.

Andy Murray

Follow him if -
You want insight into the famously private Scot’s perspectives on various topics. Andy isn’t a prolific tweeter, but he uses the platform to share his sentiments on issues like betting in tennis, equality between the men’s and women’s tours, and backing fellow British players.  You will also get the odd, unexpected beauty like this in your feed.

Juan M. del Potro

What to expect -
The ‘gentle giant’ of the ATP Tour has had a remarkable 2017. Whether he was making the finals of the US Open after triumphing over Dominic Thiem in one of the most dramatic matches of the year or famously consoling Nicolas Almagro at the French Open, there hasn’t been a dull moment for Delpo. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and his genuine appreciation of the support he receives is heartwarming.

Stan Wawrinka

Follow him if -
You want to get a better glimpse of Stan the Man’s personality. Stan is fiery on the court and has the odd viral moment (remember that time he called Roger Federer an a**hole at Indian Wells?!), but he generally plays his cards pretty close to his chest. Following him on twitter allows you to see his sense of humour, his genuine friendship with a well-known fellow Swiss player and reveal the fact he’s not too shabby at another racket sport.  

Maria Sharapova

Follow her if -
You want to stay up to speed in relation to Maria’s endlessly dramatic life. In 2017 alone, there was a run at the US Open that exceeded most expectations, a book launch that made the New York Times Bestseller List and of course the odd fashion shoot. It’s fair to say that Sharapova has rebounded from her suspension with a vengeance and is thriving back on tour with a large contingent of fans.  

Serena Williams

Follow her if - 
Like 9.6 million other people, you're keen to see what's in store for her in 2018. There's never a dull moment on new mom Serena's feed. Whether it's butting heads with Johnny Mac, supporting causes she cares about or tweeting about her taco addiction, Serena doesn't pull any punches. 

Twitter - For the die-hard fans

Nick McCarvel

What to expect -
For starters, some serious travel envy. As a writer, video host and event emcee, Nick is a proper globetrotter. Primarily covering the WTA, Nick gets the inside scoop from the brightest stars in the game. From Edmonton to Hong Kong, if you want to stay fully appraised of what’s happening in the game - with a little of Nick’s hijinks in the mix - this is well worth adding to your feed.

Ben Rothenberg

Follow him if -
You’re a serious tennis fan and like to go deep on various topics related to the game. A case in point? Ben recently wrote a piece on the state of serving in the women’s game for the New York Times which got into an incredible amount of detail on the topic. The piece revealed that technical flaws which deviate from the ideal serving motion are a major factor in discrepancies between the men’s and women’s game in relation to serving. Specifically, analysis of dozens of service motions showed that 75% of the men on tour in the study pushed off their back leg effectively while merely 28% of the women do. If this sort of tidbit and broader game analysis is in your sweet spot, Ben’s account is perfect for you.

Tennis Reporters

Follow the account if -
You’re dying to be the first to hear breaking news about topics like Nadal’s coaching situation, unprecedented suspensions, or the latest scenarios for players to qualify for tour finals, this is a great account. Matt Cronin writes for tennisreports.net, usta.com and tennis-journal.com, so undoubtedly has the pulse of both the WTA and ATP tours.


Follow the account if -
You want to see a superbly curated series of highlights combined with some cheeky commentary. Whether it’s Nadal doing the hokey pokey, Dimitrov hitting a gorgeous backhand slice pass or Federer’s attempt at speaking Mandarin, TennisTV captures a lot of entertaining material you wouldn’t see if you just watched the cable feed of an event.

Darren Cahill

What to expect -
Darren Cahill is a proud Australian, so there’s a no shortage of references to his homeland on his account. Beyond that, there is a variety of tweets befitting of one of the game’s premier coaches and commentators. Ever wanted to know Federer’s string specs? How about knowledgeable views on the evolving team events within the sport? Cahill has you sorted.


Have we neglected your favourite social media accounts? Let us know in the comments section below.


Kristin Price
Kristin Price


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