Why we are temporarily increasing prices for Black Friday

Why we are temporarily increasing prices for Black Friday

by Alan 11월 13, 2017

That’s right, you read that correctly, we’re actually increasing prices for Black Friday. Black Friday is the biggest discounting event of the year, and we’re doing the exact opposite of everyone else by increasing prices rather than decreasing them.

So why are we doing this?

I recently ordered some Christmas lights online. They were sent in a plastic package, without a box, because it was cheaper. Of course, they arrived crushed and useless. I wrote an email to the company's contact address, but they merely sent an autoreply, because it was cheaper. And they don't answer the phone... you guessed it, because it's cheaper.

Black Friday is all about being cheaper. The truth is most Black Friday discounts are a carefully engineered illusion to get shoppers into stores to buy things they normally wouldn’t.

What’s even more bizarre is that most people already know this. They know that the deals aren’t really that good and it’s all just a marketing gimmick. A recent survey by Future Thinking found that just 19% of people believed Black Friday was “a great way to get the best deals”.

Yet year after year we all go along with this illusion. The race to the bottom is unforgiving and relentless. We don't need more noisy shouting about over-hyped discounts. 

That’s certainly not the kind of company we want to be. Rather than being “the cheapest at any cost” we choose to be worth it, reliable, unique and trusted. Instead of offering mass produced, cheap products and cutting corners to get ever lower prices – we want to add even more care, thought and value to our handmade items.

So with that in mind, anyone who buys between November 24th (Black Friday) to November 27th (Cyber Monday) will receive a one-of-a-kind, customised Epirus leather luggage tag along with their bag. Prices will temporarily go up by £40 to cover this extra item, and we will only be crafting 10 of these bespoke pieces. After Black Friday weekend, prices will return to normal.

You certainly don’t have to buy from us this Black Friday weekend. But perhaps take a moment to think about whether what you’re buying is something you really want, that's going to make your life a little better, or are you simply doing it because it momentarily seems like a good price?

Do you really want “cheaper”? Or are you actually looking for “better”?

Alan Kelly
Alan Kelly


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