Epirus London's wearables list

The latest fitness and health tracking wearables for active living, on and off the court

par Kristin septembre 08, 2017

Feeling overwhelmed by the endless proliferation of health and fitness tracking wearables on the market? We did some research into the the truly innovative options from upstart brands you probably haven't come across yet...

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Epirus London's five favourite tennis podcasts

The 5 perfect podcasts for any tennis addict

par Kristin août 16, 2017

Are you a tennis fanatic and avid podcast listener but haven't managed to find one that hits your sweet spot? We've curated the list you've been waiting for...

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 5 reasons Epirus bags are better than traditional tennis bags

5 reasons you should ditch your tennis bag

par Alan août 02, 2017

When was the last time you took a close look at your tennis bag and considered how well it fits your lifestyle? We've come up with a handful of arguments why it might be time to retire that big red Wilson bag...

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Can you carry tennis rackets on a plane? Are racquets allowed on an airplane?

The definitive guide to flying with tennis rackets

par Alan juin 01, 2017

Flying with tennis racket can be a perplexing experience. Each airline has a different policy that may or may not give explicit instructions about your tennis gear. Fear not! We've done extensive research on this topic and provided an overview of the requirements of the major airlines. A little preview? Our Backpack and 24 Hour bag comply with carry on restrictions across the board...

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Epirus predictions for Roland Garros French Open

Our Roland Garros Picks: Can Rafa make it 10 in Paris?

par Kristin mai 17, 2017

Who are the contenders and pretenders heading into Roland Garros? Can Rafa make it a historic 10 titles? Will a young gun achieve a stunning upset? Check out our predictions and rationales here...

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Epirus reviews the latest developments in tennis technology

The latest developments in tennis technology

par Alan mai 05, 2017

Are you up to date on the latest tennis tech? This post provides the low-down on the newest gadgets and products from wearables to sensors to line calling devices...

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Epirus suggests TRX bands and other cross training activities to improve your tennis fitness

5 cross-training activities guaranteed to enhance your on-court fitness

par Kristin avril 27, 2017

Still hitting the gym without knowing which exercises will specifically benefit you on the tennis court? We've found five options guaranteed to improve your agility, stamina and explosiveness...

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Epirus 24 hour tennis bag on grass court

9 essential items for your tennis bag

par Kristin avril 24, 2017

Tennis is a mentally challenging sport and there's nothing more unnerving than showing up at your match unprepared or finding out you're missing a vital item mid-way through a three set battle. Follow our list and feel confident your focus can be on playing your best tennis...

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