The best gifts for squash players

The best gifts for squash players

Written by Alan 12月 17, 2018

If you’ve left your gift research to the last minute or still haven’t found that perfect, unique squash gift idea, don’t worry! We’ve got your back.  Anything from our curated list of gifts for the squash lovers and athletes in your life will be sure to impress.


Accessories & Clothing

Maven Head bands


Maven Thread’s 4” headbands
keep you looking fresh and trendy while also keeping the hair out of your face, so you can get your workout done. With their non-slip and absorbent material, you can be sure that these won’t slip around in the middle of a match. You can find them in packs of four or two in a variety of colours and patterns. They’re also great for everyday wear to keep those pesky baby-hairs out of your face.


Lululemon T.H.E. Short


For the guy who values comfort, consider Lululemon’s T.H.E. Short 7” (linerless). Lululemon is known for making high-quality products and these sweat-wicking shorts are no exception. They’re attractive, minimal, stretchy, and light. Also, they sit comfortably at the waist, offer ample room for movement, and can be layered with training tights since they’re liner-less. 




A Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate and Fitness Wristband is fantastic for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. This model comes in 8 colours, continuously tracks heart-rate, steps, calories burned, and even sleeping patterns. This is also a great option for those whose work requires them to remain seated for long periods of time, since it will gently remind them to breathe and/or take 250 steps every 60 minutes.


Epirus racket bag collectionSHOP NOW


Epirus Everyday Racket bag Collection SHOP NOW


Does the squash playing person in your life juggle work, travel and other active pursuits? The Epirus racket bag collection was created with this exact lifestyle in mind.

The range covers a wide variety of use cases: the Borderless Backpack has a modern, sleek shape which sets it apart from sportier options on the market and has a gender-neutral feel. The 24 hour bag was designed with your daily commute yet is large enough to elegantly stow tennis essentials without any excess bulk. The Weekend bag comes in 2 sizes and allows for for seamless transition between business, squash and travel. Attracted to the size and shape of the Weekend bags but prefer a more casual, altheisure feel? Consider the new Dynamic Duffel from the Everyday Collection.

All of the bags in the Signature Collection are made with Italian canvas and calf leather and carry at least 2 rackets. The bags are handmade in Europe in small batches, so the gift recipient gets the added cachet of carrying something completely unique. 



Vyper roller


A Vyper 2 vibrating roller combines the best features of a foam roller and vibrating massager into one fantastic product. It features 3 settings and a grooved surface that will improve and shorten your favourite athlete’s recovery time. Also, the battery lasts for two hours, so it won’t require daily recharging. Added bonus: we love that it’s TSA-approved, meaning you can bring it with you onto the plane for those long flights.


Dunlop Pro Squash balls


For those of you on a shoestring budget, you can’t go wrong with gifting squash players with a box set of Dunlop’s Pro Squash Balls. This product is so trusted that both the World Squash Federation and the Professional Squash Association named it their official ball. You can be absolutely sure that they are of the highest quality and durability.


Karakal Squash Grips


The Karakal PU Super Replacement Grips are the most beloved by racket sports players worldwide. These grips are tacky, non-slip, and super soft so they provide comfort as well as grip. Plus, they’re self-adhesive, and you can customize your racket with a variety of colours!



2019 Canary Wharf Squash Classic


Tickets for the 2019 Canary Wharf Squash Classic are now on sale! The matches will be on March 10
th – 15th (Sunday to Friday) with an extra day on the weekend at East Wintergarden’s all-glass court. As usual, the winners will be decided via a “best-of-three” format. General sales have already started (October 5th), so be sure to snap one up soon before they’re all gone!


Squash TV subscription


For those who love racket sports, a subscription to SquashTV with Eurosport is a game-changer. This will give them access to LIVE squash tournament matches on the go! For only £5.99 a month or £29.99 a year, they can finally enjoy squash outside of their homes and courts with all of their devices. Even train rides will now be enjoyable! 


For Their Racket Bag

Lululemon (Small Towel)


Another Lululemon product that’s sure to please is The (Small) Towel, which comes in 8 colours. Don’t let its size fool you—the microfibre material ensures that every last drop of sweat (even in a hot yoga class) and/or moisture is absorbed. Plus, it fits so nicely in your gym-bag without taking up too much room. Somehow, they also manage to stay free of fraying and so soft after multiple uses and washes!



Chilly water bottle


Chilly’s water bottles are great gifts for activities both on and off the court. These bottles will keep water cold for 24h or hot for 12h. Additionally, they come in such a variety of colours and patterns (abstract, whales, fruits, flowers, etc.) that you can be sure you’ll find one for anyone and everyone! For the whimsical, snap up one of their adorable winter holiday or tropical themed bottles. It’s also a great gift for the eco-conscious, since it cuts down on plastic use.


Alan Kelly
Alan Kelly


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