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Written by Kristin 9月 08, 2017

Here at Epirus, our mission is to help people fit more tennis and exercise into their packed schedules. We believe people deserve to have design-forward products that support their active lifestyles.

Over the years, we have been inspired by brands and products imbued with the same philosophy in categories ranging from wearable technology to athleisure to low-tech but thoughtfully designed accessories. Knowing that businesses in this space are enticing to others who share similar values, we are providing a round-up of what we deem to be the most innovative and compelling products in the marketplace. Because we found so many remarkable products during our research we decided to break the list into two posts. 

Without further adieu and in no particular order, here is part one of the list:

1. Motiv Activity Tracking Ring

Category: Fitness & Health Tracking Wearables

Why we’re excited about it

The market has been flooded with a mind-boggling number of fitness tracking wearables in the last couple of years, many of which aim to be stylish enough to seamlessly wear with professional or casual apparel. This is one of the first rings we have seen that gathers most of the same data tracked by watch and bracelet-style wearables. The minimalist design gives it a timeless aesthetic that looks equally appropriate with athletic gear or a suit or cocktail dress – a rare feat indeed.

Product details

The ring provides tracking in the following categories: active and resting heart rate, calories burned, distance covered, number of steps, type of activity and sleep duration.

  • Sensor: Optical Heart Rate Sensor
  • Material: Ultralight Titanium
  • Waterproof: Up to 5ATM
  • Dimensions: 8mm X 2.5mm
  • Bluetooth: Smart Syncing
  • Battery Life: Up to 3 days for typical use
  • App availability: iOS (Android to follow)
  • Styles: Available in 7 sizes in either Slate or Rose Gold


The Motiv ring can be pre-ordered for $199 USD and due to ship in the summer 2017.


2. LVL Wearable Hydration Monitor

Category: Fitness & Health Tracking Wearables

Why we’re excited about it

Studies have shown that up to 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Maintaining optimal levels of hydration is key to athletic (and general life) performance. However, diligently tracking fluids consumed is tedious for all except the super meticulous among us. This monitor provides a solution and goes further by providing a complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and heart rate. Added to their dashboard is real-time notifications alerting you to exactly how much fluid you need (based on current levels and sweat rates) and what type of performance boost you can expect upon replenishment.

What makes it different?

According to LVL, devices currently available on the market use green light to measure heart rates from the wrist.  After several years of research they developed a revolutionary red light technology that is capable of measuring dehydration, while also providing industry-leading heart rate accuracy at the same time. LVL notes that the red light sensor originates from the world of medical devices and can penetrate 10 times deeper into the body than green light, giving it the superior readings that are backed up with a series of rigorous studies. 

Product details

LVL has a simple interface and provides essential information at a glance on a full colour OLED touch screen, with side buttons for additional input. It transmits via BLE to your smartphone, sports watch, bike computer and other devices for a connected experience.

Data is collected and analysed in the following areas:


  • Real-time hydration status notifications
  • Accurate sweat rate measurements

Heart rate

  • Highly accurate wrist-based heart rate and heart rate zone 


  • Auto-sleep function
  • Smart alarm clock
  • Advanced metrics


  • Intuitive mood input
  • Combined mood and hydration metrics


  • Tracks steps, distance, floors climbed and more
  • Integrates activity with hydration and heart rate
  • Smart coaching


  • 24/7 calorie tracking with smart tracking during exercise
  • Customized re-fuelling recommendations for optimized nutrition and hydration


    The LVL Hydration Monitor is available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $149.99 and is due to ship the summer of 2018. 

    3. Spire Breath & Activity Tracker 

    Category: Fitness & Health Tracking Wearables

    Why we’re excited about it

    It’s fair to say that mindfulness and meditation are on most people’s radar (even if we haven’t all bought in or managed to integrate practices consistently into our routines). Spire has astutely recognized this movement and married it with wearable tech to create a product that is both a breath and activity tracker. The hybrid nature of this tracker is alluring in and of itself but it's scientific pedigree and exceptional ratings make it truly outstanding. Spire was developed over seven years by a Stanford-based research team that used industry-leading respiration and state-of-mind algorithms to detect moments of calm, tension, and focus. A LinkedIn-based study has shown that using the device resulted in 37% more daily calm, 27% fewer anxious days, and 25% more time spent physiologically focused. Moreover, Spire is recommended by thousands of health care professionals worldwide.

    Product details

    Spire measures your breath via the expansion and contraction of your torso. The Spire app analyses and categorizes your breathing patterns as ‘calm’, ‘tense’, or ‘focused’. Notifications alert you to sudden changes so that you can reset your breath. You are also able to visualize your breathing in real-time via the ‘Breathwave’ depiction on your smartphone homescreen (a smooth, rolling ‘Breathwave’ indicates a sense of calm).

    Specific features include:

    • Understand your stress by location, time, and activity with daily stats and weekly reports
    • Follow your breath-wave on-screen and see how it correlates to moments of focus, calm, and tension, allowing you to head off tension before you even realize it’s happening
    • Understand what, where, and who causes you to be stressed, calm, or productive
    • Unlock the calming power of your own breath with visual exercises and guided meditations
    • Track your health progress through activity, steps and calories
    • Washer-proof, charges wirelessly, and lasts 7 days on a single charge


    Spire is available for $129.95 USD.


    4. Helios Smart Ring

    Category: Fitness & Health Tracking Wearables

    Why we’re excited about it

    Living in London, we are very much aware of the perils of Vitamin D deficiency. This vitamin serves several important functions in the body including promoting calcium absorption, maintaining normal calcium and phosphate levels, promoting bone and cell growth and reducing inflammation. Without optimal levels, symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency include difficulty thinking clearly, bone pain, frequent bone fractures, muscle weakness and unexplained fatigue. Scary stuff. Other than sensing some of the symptoms of inadequate levels of Vitamin D, it’s tough to track without professional help. This is where the Helios smart ring comes in. Tracking Vitamin D consumption, exposure to UV radiation and daylight consumption, the ring provides you with data that used to be elusive - until now. 

    Product details 

    The Helios smart ring is an all-around smart device that includes 3 ‘coaches’ tracking and providing feedback related to Vitamin D consumption, exposure to UV radiation and time spent in the daylight.

     Vitamin D Coach 

    • Tracks Vitamin D consumption and sends notifications
    • Gathers statistics per week, month and year to show trends
    • Provides menu suggestions for integrating optimal Vitamin D quantities into your diet

    Sunlight Coach

    • Tracks UV radiation and sends notifications about sun protection
    • Gathers statistics per week, month and year to show trends
    • Displays UV index and safe time

    Daylight Coach

    • Tracks daylight consumption and provides notifications accordingly
    • Gathers statistics per week, month and year to show trends
    • Notifies the wearer about recommended outside time


    The Helios smart ring is available for pre-order for $140 USD. 

    Do you own a wearable that you would vouche for? We would love to hear about it, so please leave us a comment below...

    Kristin Price
    Kristin Price


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