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12 must-have accessories for travellers who like to stay active

by Kristin December 13, 2017 5 Comments

Let’s face it: there is an art to travelling well. Whether it’s business or pleasure (or a bit of both), travelling in comfort and style largely boils down to doing your research, being organised and having the right accessories that are designed well.

We’ve researched the latest travel accessories to solve a variety of trip-related pain points. Most of them fall into the category of solutions for travellers who like stay active while away and are dual-purpose items that complement your life at home and on the road.

1. Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones ($250 USD)

Wireless headphones aren’t considered a new innovation anymore. Indeed, consumers have been spoiled for choice since the iPhone lost its headphone jack in 2016. Why do we like these particular ones? First of all, they are made to use during workouts but aren’t a garish neon color that clashes against normal attire. Second, we trust the Bose brand to make high quality products with impeccable sound. Third, having one less cord to manage whilst traveling is certainly a win.

Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earphones - Featured in the Epirus guide to travel accessories

2. Leak-Proof Travel Bottles ($20 USD)

Fixation on the volume of liquids you can carry onto flights ebbs and flows and tends to vary based on location. Nevertheless, if you intend to travel with your toiletries in your carry on bag it’s basically a given that you will have to do a container transfer. A lot of different companies have tried to solve this issue but typically sell containers that are so cheap you want to discard them after a single trip. No so, with the TSA-approved Vumos containers. Offering different sizes and container types (with the capacity noted on the side for inspectors) for creams and hair products, this is the best solution we’ve come across. 

Leak-Proof Travel Bottles - Featured in the Epirus guide to travel accessories

3. Universal Travel Adapter ($35 USD)

It’s the item you always seem to forget if you take it out of your travel bag at home for any reason. In order to stop gritting your teeth as you pony up for an overpriced duplicate at the airport, consider buying this well-designed, colorful option. It fits into outlets in over 150 countries, breaks into four color-coded pieces creating four versions and has two USB ports. It’s also really hard to miss and leave home without!

Universal Travel Adaptor - Featured in the Epirus guide to travel accessories

4. Epirus Bag Collection (Price varies according to style) 

Feeling the need to upgrade your luggage in order to add style and quality? Consider the Epirus bag collection as an attractive option. The range covers a wide variety of use cases: the backpack has a modern, sleek shape which sets it apart from sportier options on the market and has a gender-neutral feel. The 24 hour bag was designed with your daily commute yet is large enough to elegantly stow tennis essentials without any excess bulk. The Weekend bag comes in 2 sizes and allows for for seamless transition between business, tennis and travel.

All of the bags are made with Italian canvas and calf leather and carry at least 2 rackets. The bags are handmade in Europe in small batches so you can be confident that you are carrying a unique product. The backpack, 24 hour bag and Weekend M are all suitable to carry on airplanes. 

Epirus tennis bag collection


5. Travel Cord Organiser ($265 USD)

    Traveling with a plethora of wearables and devices means grappling with cords and charging docks. You can opt to place them all in a pocket and hope for the best OR you can invest in a well-designed, elegant solution. The Tech Dopp Kit 2 has been crafted from premium and durable leather and has a interior compartmentalised to neatly fit cords, batteries and headphones. At 22cm (H) x 13cm (W) x 8.25cm (D), it easily fits into your work or carry on bag. We love that this case allows you to see exactly what you’re looking for at a glance, rather than blindly sift through small pockets in bags.

    Travel cord organizer - Featured in the Epirus guide to travel accessories

    6. Yoga Travel Mat ($65 USD)

    Doing a quick yoga session to limber up after a long haul flight is well worth the time investment. Don’t fancy using the mats stacked in the corner of the hotel gym? Neither do we. Yogo has come up with the solution. Folding down to 12” and weighing just 2.4 lbs, this extremely highly-rated mat can easily fit amongst your gear. The design includes enough padding to keep practice comfortable and it has a super sticky grip providing necessary traction. An admirable added plus? Each mat sold will result in a tree planted in Africa.

      Yoga Travel Matt - Featured in the Epirus guide to travel accessories

      7. Travel Size S’well Bottle ($30 USD)

      We love to use S’well bottles for workouts and in order to stay hydrated during the day. However, the 20oz version is a bit large to travel with. The S’well team recognised this and now offer a 12 and 16oz version of their bottles. Liquid still stays cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours but in a container that easily fits in your handbag or workcase. Matching your water bottle to your luggage - which is possible with S’well - is next level coordination!

      Swell bottle - Featured in the Epirus guide to travel accessories


      8. Travel Towel ($47 USD)

      Like to hit the gym, beach or road for a workout when you’re travelling? Carrying a hotel towel won’t work because it’s not fit-for-purpose due to its size and bulk. Lululemon has created a much more appealing option which is small but super absorbant. Whether you’re playing tennis or doing a spin class, you aren’t going to need a towel any bigger than this to accompany your sweat session.
        Lululemon Travel Towel - Featured in the Epirus guide to travel accessories

        9. Compression socks (~$25 USD)

        The benefits of flying in compression socks are well known. In addition to assisting blood flow, they reduce your risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis, as well as leg swelling (oedema). Traditionally they have been very unsightly and not remotely stylish. Sockwell has changed that by creating a range of socks that are fashionable as their generic counterparts with the added health benefits. You can choose the degree of support as well as different versions and styles created for sports or life in general.
          Compression socks - Featured in the Epirus guide to travel accessories

          10. Structured Neck Pillow ($30 USD)

          If you’re done of those people desperate to get some shut eye on flights but usually has a hard time sleeping, you are aware of the wide range of devices that have been developed for this scenario. Between the bulky neck collar pillows, some over the head contraptions and even devices to prop you up, inventions abound. Our preference? The Trtl neck warp. Looking like a modified scarf, your accessory won’t draw unwanted attention. However, more critically, it is easily packable when you’re not in the air.  

            Trtl Travel Pillow - Epirus guide to travel accessories

            11. Unique Toiletries Bags ($70 USD)

              There are tons of different toiletries bags out there to buy. Many are cheaply made and uninspired or incredibly expensive for the utilitarian purpose they serve.  These bags from Rule Number Five caught our eye because they resonate with our active lifestyle, have an understated design and are well-constructed. The fact they come as a complimentary pair is ideal because you often require extra space for longer trips that surpasses the size of most individual bag.

              Unique Toiletry Bags - Featured in the Epirus guide to travel accessories

              12. Neofit Collapsible Roller ($89 USD)

              Are you one of those dedicated individuals that regularly uses a foam roller to release their fascia? We salute you and your diligent injury preventing ways! When on the road finding rollers in hotel gyms is rare, let alone ones haven’t been - shall we say - “overused”. Neofit has created a collapsible roller that addresses this pain point (pun intended!). Expanding from 4 - 12 inches in length with an industry-standard 5.5 inch diameter, this roller fits in your carry on luggage yet is barely smaller than the one you use at home when expanded.   


              Neofit collapsible roller - Featured in the Epirus guide to travel accessories

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