Get 0% off for Black Friday and feel great about it...

Get 0% off for Black Friday and feel great about it...

by Alan November 21, 2018

If you were part of our community last year, you already know that we don’t buy into the mindless frenzy of over-hyped discounts around Black Friday.

This year we’re doing something different again. If you order a bag this weekend (Friday 23 Nov 2018 to Monday 26 Nov 2018), $150 of your order will be donated to Right To Play.

Not familiar with this non-profit?

Founded in 2000 by Olympic gold medalist speed skater Johann Olav Koss, this group has focused on teaching children in need through educational play encompassing sport, performance, poetry, dance, art and music.

Reaching 1.9 million children each week with programs in 18 countries, the goal is to create lasting impact and empowerment by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to drive change in their lives, the lives of their families and by extension, their communities. 

You can’t get cheap products from us this weekend but what you can get is so much more. Get a beautiful, handmade, unique bag that will last a lifetime while also getting to feel great about supporting important work.



Do you really want cheaper or do you actually want more?

Alan Kelly
Alan Kelly


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