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How to protect tennis racket handles / grips

  • These Neoprene Grip Covers are the best way to protect your grips from rain, dirt, dust and everyday wear and tear
  • Perfect for covering exposed grips that stick out of your backpack or tote


Tennis racket handle covers:

  • Keep your grips dry in any weather.
  • Protect your racket handles.
  • Prevent wear and tear on your grips.
  • Make sure your grips don't lose their tacky feel.

Why you need them:

Hate the way your dirty grips look when your racket handles are visible?

These neoprene grip covers keep your rackets looking clean and refined even when your grips underneath are less than pristine. 


  • Stretchy neoprene and velcro fastening allow the covers to fit most tennis racket grip sizes: from 0 to 5 (US = 4 to 4 5/8)
  • Available in a wide variety of colours including: Carbon Black, Vibrant Violet, Neon Yellow, Fiery Red, Cobalt Blue, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Bright White, Black Brick Print, White Hexagon Print, Black & Grey Leopard Print and White & Black Leopard Print.
  • Made to match the Transition Tote and Borderless Backpack these grip covers elevate any bag
  • EAN = 5060664920064

    Want to see more colours in the future? Email us to let us know which colours!