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The best gifts for badminton players

by Alan November 24, 2017

Wracking your brain for great gift ideas for the badminton lover in your life and falling short?

We’ve been there.

That’s why we solicited the help of a true expert. Reaching a career high of 23 in the world badminton rankings and representing Ireland three times at the Olympics, Scott Evans generously gave us his thoughts on a badminton-specific holiday gift list.

You still have time, so this list should prevent you from roaming around the shops aimlessly on Christmas eve.

1. Salming badminton shoes

According to Scott, not only are Salming shoes built for high performance players, they’re also great value. Lightweight, cushioned and created with stability in mind, these kicks make a great gift. We particularly like the Cobra-themed ones for men and the turquoise / pink combination for women.

Salming cobra badminton shoes

2. Phantom X-Fire Ashaway badminton racket

The X-Fire is a new performance frame by Ashaway which balances power and forgiveness. Suitable for the top amateur to professional player, if the goal is considerable power without added weight, this racket will be a solid choice.


  • Balance: –Head Heavy

  • Flex: – Extra Stiff

  • Weight: – 89g

  • Frame: Nano Carbon - High Modulus Graphite

  • Head: Phantom AirFlow

Ashaway phantom x-fire badminton racket

3. YONEX Lin Dan Collection warm up jacket 

If you’re not as clued up on badminton as the individual you are buying the gift for, you might not be familiar with Lin Dan. Basically the GOAT / Roger Federer of badminton, he is a five-time World Champion, as well as a six-time All England Champion. Also similar to Roger, Lin Dan has off court singing aspirations (and isn’t half bad!).  YONEX has a Lin Dan apparel collection and our favourite item is the warm up jacket that works for both men and women (including at racket clubs with restrictive clothing regulations). 


Yonex Lin Dan collection warm up jacket for badminton


4. Thorlo socks

Here at Epirus, we are Thorlo superfans. The socks are incredibly soft, comfortable and durable. Cushioning is added to all of the vital places. The two-sock blister prevention strategy is unnecessary with socks this well-made. Needless to say, the gift recipient will be extremely appreciative of their Thorlo socks’ performance at the end of a long practice session. 

Thorlo sock range



5. YONEX AS-50 feather shuttlecock

Why not pop a sleeve of premium feather shuttlecocks into the stocking of your favourite badminton player? Used in all top international tournaments, the YONEX AS-50 birds have unparalleled durability and flight consistency. Just like opening a new can of tennis balls, there’s something a bit magical about that first strike of an immaculate shuttlecock…


Yonex AS-50 feather shuttlecocks


  • 6. Stylish badminton racket bags that work both on and off the court by Epirus

  • If you really want to impress, then this is the ‘unique and thoughtful’ gift you’ve been looking for. The Epirus racket bag collection allows for seamless transition from the badminton court, to work, to the gym and out to dinner in style. If the person you’re buying for leads a busy, active life, an Epirus bag will be a godsend for them.

  • There are 3 styles to choose from: the backpack has a modern, sleek shape which sets it apart from sportier options on the market. The 24 hour bag was designed with the daily commute in mind and is large enough to elegantly stow all badminton essentials without any excess bulk. The Weekend bag comes in 2 sizes and is designed for mixing business, badminton and travel. All of the bags are made with Italian canvas and calf leather and carry at least 3+ badminton rackets as well as your laptop and work gear.

  • Scott is a fan of the Medium Weekend Bag which he uses for everything from daily training, fitness sessions, to carrying his rackets onboard flights as he travels the world on the pro tour. 

    Epirus tennis and badminton bag collection

    7. Tickets to the YONEX All England Badminton Championships

    Prefer to go the experiential gift route? Why not buy tickets to the All England Badminton Championships that will be held in the spring of 2018? With a heritage dating back 1898, the YONEX All England is held in the highest esteem as the oldest and one of the most prestigious badminton events in the world. The tournament is only one of three top-tier tournaments convened each year by the Badminton World Federation. Tickets start at just £15 (GBP) per session.

    All England Badminton Championships sponsored by Yonex

    8. Handmade shuttlecock keychain

    Full-disclosure - this item was not pointed out to us by Scott. However, when we saw the colorful bejewelled keychains, we knew that they would appeal some badminton players out there. Created in three sizes - small, medium and large - these are another stocking stuffer contender. 

    Handmade badminton shuttlecock key chain


    9. Personalised S’well water bottle

    S’well insulated water bottles have been in our bags for quite a while. We like the environmentally conscious aspect of the product as well as the sleek design and high quality fabrication. Now they make even better gifts by offering a personalisation service. Choose the size, color and text on the bottle to comprehensively tailor the gift.

    Swell bottles recommended by Epirus

    10. Elevated sports towel from Lululemon

    The only thing worse than forgetting your towel on the badminton court is having to use a big, unsightly one that has seen better days. The upgrade? A compact, high tech towel from Lululemon.  Offered in 3 colors and made of absorbent microfibre, this towel falls into the category of a practical gift you wouldn’t automatically buy for yourself but one which is highly appreciated.  

    Lululemon sports towel recommended by Epirus

    If you want to learn more about Scott or keep up with his training and travel schedule, follow him on Instagram.

    Alan Kelly
    Alan Kelly


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