The Best Gifts For Tennis Players

The Best Gifts For Tennis Players

Written by Kristin January 24, 2021

We’ve all been there. You need to find a gift for a friend, partner, sibling or parent who loves tennis. But you’ve already bought the tennis-themed cuff links, the necklace with the racket and ball charm and a DVD of the 10 best matches of all time (which are surely collecting dust somewhere now). 

To help you find the perfect tennis-related present, here’s a list of fresh ideas by price band:

Tennis Gifts Under £25 ($35 USD)

1. Hats, visors and beanies (AKA toques)


Hats are always a safe bet. It’s a banal comment but outdoor tennis basically requires head gear for protection from the sun. Hitting outdoors can also get your kit surprisingly dirty – especially if you’re playing on clay or grass. Thus, it’s always nice to have a couple of different hat options in the rotation.  

Here's a couple of options to get you started: for people that gravitate towards a chilled out California style, there are a range of hats from TravisMathew to choose from. Nadal backers will prefer this hat from Nike and Djokovic fans will love this option from Lacoste. Newly launched luxury tennis apparel brand Castore has a range of hats to choose from. This one featuring 'anti-bacterial tape' is our favourite.

Shopping for someone that prefers visors? We like the subtle branding and quality of this visor from Lululemon. Solbari has created a visor with UPF50+ for those especially concerned about sun exposure.

In the vein of 'everything old is new again' and the fashion world's current obsession with the '90s, take a trip down memory lane and consider this Nike hat worn by Pete Sampras in his heyday, this classic FILA cap or alternatively, this microfibre Sergio Tacchini option (yes, this brand still exists).

Have individuals to buy for that are into platform tennis? Although slightly more expensive than $35, a breathable, lightweight cashmere beanie is your best bet. We like this style from Castore and this reversible beanie from Lululemon.

2. Protect your racket handles from rain and dirt with these grip covers

Hate the fact that your grips get dirty a mere 5 minutes into your hit? You're not alone. These black leather grip covers are the solution for unsightly grips that you’d rather not have sticking out from your bag and are a brilliant and unique gift idea.

Designed to be "one-size-fits-all" the grip covers fit all grip sizes so you don't have to worry about whether they will fit. The neoprene grip covers come in 8 colour options

The grip covers ship worldwide from the UK and USA. Depending on the shipping option, your order can arrive in as 3 days or less.  

Neoprene Grip Covers

3. Vibration dampeners with personality & travel sized massage ball



Most of us play with vibration dampeners on our strings, but they’re often uninspired logos corresponding to your racket frame (or maybe even a plain elastic band!). Various companies have realized this and now there’s a wide variety to choose from, including virtually every emoji you’ve encountered online. 

Personally, we think Gamma is by far the most creative with options ranging from alcohol (beer and wine) to spirit animals (pandas, koalas, hippos and more) to a milky way and spaceman duo because.... why not? Check out all the options here which make great stocking stuffers.

In an ideal world we would all dedicate time to stretching before and after playing tennis. However, the reality is that most of us aren’t quite that diligent (ourselves included!). After the lactic acid sets in, its handy to have a massage ball to work out the knots and prevent further tightness that can lead to injury. The one we found is nice and compact and falls into both thoughtful and functional gift categories.  

4. Tennis-themed reading



String Theory by David Wallace is the compliation of five essays, which include profiles of Roger Federer and Tracy Austin. The NYT calls Wallace 'the best tennis writer of all time' and the book has received a tremendous number of accolades.

In a similar vein, consider a subscription to Racket Magazine for the friend that loves the sport but gets bored reading banal commentary on topics like 'who is the GOAT this month?' and similar. Launched a couple of years ago, the publication stands out from the crowd of generic tennis magazines and is a publication celebrating the art, ideas, style and culture that surround tennis. Finally, if you're buying for a Federer fan, this coffee table book published in 2018 is a no-brainer. Federeresque celebrates an unparalelled career with photos taken by the award-winning tennis photographer Antoine Couvercelle. Needless to say, this is going on our wish list! 

Tennis Gifts Under £50 ($70 USD)

5. Water bottles with a cause & personalised Wimbledon towels


S'well bottles aren’t only stylish and environmentally friendly, they have some impressive USPs. Available in multiple sizes, shapes and numerous striking designs, they keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. The company is also socially conscious and has partnerships with UNICEF USA, American Forests, Drink Up and (RED).

It can be a struggle to find a towel to bring on court, so carrying your own is a definite time saver. Why not up the ante and get a personalized official towel from Wimbledon? This will surely add a little inspiration for the gift receipent during the changeover.

6. Tennis clothing that looks & performs great on and off the court

Epirus Tennis Apparel

Epirus makes the most technically-advanced, functional tennis wear. Case in point: the brand new Cropped Tennis Leggings. The four way stretch fabric is figure flattering, breathable and fluid with every movement. These are the only leggings that can hold two tennis balls in place and out of the way. When the ball pocket isn't used it lies flat and is virtually invisible. Playing in cool weather? These leggings are warm without being bulky. Playing in warm weather? The cropped fit prevents overheating. Needless to say, the cropped legging style is right at home in the gym, at spin class or at yoga practice.

Designed to wear with the leggings, the Timeless Tennis Tank is made from a buttery-soft, performance fabric with plenty of stretch for a flattering fit. Slightly cropped so that it's the perfect silhouette for tennis (it doesn't need to be tucked in but doesn't ride up too high while hitting serves or overheads) this is a classic piece that has staying power. You can't go wrong gifting a high quality staple that works both on and off the court.  

Full-sleeved sweat shirts and hoodies aren’t ideal for tennis. They feel cumbersome around your wrists and are too warm to play in except in the coldest conditions. Nike has come up with the ideal piece. The cut of this shirt is perfect to play in and balances warmth without adding too much bulk. Another option from Sweaty Betty features anti-bacterial fabric and can certainly be worn both on and off the court. 

We are fans of wearing warm up items made from merino wool because it's simultaneously warm and breathable. And added bonus? If the gift recipient is a skier they will get loads of use out of the top as an underlayer. 

7. Classic tennis apparel

A fan of classic tennis apparel but know that the person you're buying for already has a closet full of Lacoste, Sergio Tacchini and FILA kit? Why not give a new brand a try? Play Brave’s Men's Polo is made from superlight 100% woven polyester.

We also like the Luca Dress from Castore which has a very flattering silhouette and is an attractive option for someone that doesn’t want to wear the same Nike tennis dress as everyone else at the club. Hedge has a collection of chic country club attire that looks stylish both on and off the court with a bit of a vintage aesthetic. 

Tennis Gifts Under £100 ($135 USD)

8. A modern racket bag from the Epirus Everyday Collection

These stylish tennis bags are specifically designed for working professionals who want a bag they can carry anywhere and it doesn't look out of place. Tennis bags make great gifts as they don't need to be play-tested like rackets.

Borderless Backpack

Available in Black, Grey or Blue, this backpack is designed for cyclists or those who want their hands free.

Transition Tote

The tote is the perfect bag which your day includes tennis, work and a yoga session.

Dynamic Duffel

Dynamic Duffel

Need extra space? Still more compact than a traditional 6 racket bag, the duffel holds everything you need.

9. Wearable tech & a subscription box for tennis fanatics


Know someone always trying to troubleshoot their game and improve their tactics? They will be surely be a fan of the data collected by Babolat POP. The sensor located in the wristband connects to your smartphone and accumulates a wealth of data about your game including spin and impact differentiating among all of your strokes. There’s also an activity score to give you a sense of just how intense your footwork was during that last hit…

The Tennis Trunk is the only tennis-themed recurring gift we’ve come across and it looks perfect for the avid player. The trunk always includes 2 cans of balls in addition to an assortment of other items relevant to our sport like grip tape, sunscreen, snacks for changeover and much more. 

10. Functional pieces of tennis history & 24/7 tennis coverage 



If you haven’t already bought a HearO tennis ball speaker you’re certainly missing out. Made from upcycled tennis balls, these Bluetooth-enabled speakers are a functional piece of tennis history. They’re made individually and the sound quality is excellent. Check out the website and you’ll see how each one comes together.

A subscription to Tennis TV is an excellent gift idea for someone that enjoys watching tennis but is often indisposed during matches they want to see. It's doubly attractive for people that have a favorite player that doesn’t reliably get shown by the major TV networks. Subscribing to Tennis TV is gift that allows the recipient to get their tennis fix on demand.

11. The Tennis Pointer

Designed by the Functional Tennis Team, the Tennis Pointer is a brilliant tool to hone one's game. Have someone on your list that is prone to shanking the ball but constantly working on fine tuning their technique? How about a player that would benefit from improving their footwork or precision of their ball toss whilst serving? The Tennis Pointer could be a game changer for them.

It's available in three models: Mid, Junior and Pro so there's an option that works for a variety of profiles. Want to see it in action? Check out this video. 

Luxury Tennis Gifts Over £100 ($135 USD)

12. Stylish tennis bags that work both on and off the court 

If you really want to impress, then the Epirus Signature tennis bag collection is your best bet. These beautiful bags allow tennis players to go from the court, to work, to the gym and out to dinner in style. They are perfect for players that live busy, active lives and need a bag that can keep up.

There are 3 styles to chose from: the backpack, 24 hour bag and weekend bags each of which is designed for everyday life whether it's business, tennis or travel.

Featured in Vogue, Forbes, Men's Health Magazine & GQ, all of the bags are made with Italian canvas and supple leather and carry at least 2 rackets. 


This Backpack combines style, sophistication and utility. Its modern, sleek shape sets it apart from sportier options on the market and has a gender-neutral feel.

Although compact, the interior of the bag fits all of your tennis equipment in addition to work accessories like your laptop, chargers, notebook, etc. 

24 Hour Bag

This bag was designed with your daily commute in mind. Tired of juggling multiple unsuitable bags when you play tennis during the workday? The 24 hour bag is large enough to elegantly stow tennis essentials without any excess bulk.

Much more compact & functional than run-of-the-mill racket bags, it also securely holds your laptop, tablet and work accessories. An external zippered pocket provides quick access to your most important items when you’re on the move. 

Weekend Bags

Travelling with tennis rackets isn’t easy. Traditional tennis bags are not designed to hold your technology and they don’t exactly look good either. 

Designed for seamless transition between business, tennis and travel, the Epirus weekend bag is at home in the office, on the court, and on your way out of town. Rackets are fully enclosed inside the bag, while extra long zippers allow the bag to open flat, when required, simplifying the packing process.

13. Hand crafted beach rackets & versatile, luxe warm up gear



It’s fun to play tennis during beach vacations but it’s also great to mess around hitting volleys on the beach. The problem is that the cheap versions of beach tennis rackets first tear up your hand then dissolve as soon as they land in the sea water.

Now there’s a solution: Fresco Bolcarica beach tennis paddles are hand made in Brazil with several layers of wood off-cuts and covered with a strong resin coating, to make them sea and sand-resistant. All bats are unique in colour, shape, details and weight and finished with a colorful neoprene grip that won’t give you blisters minutes into your fun.

If you considering spending over £100 on a gift, you want it have longevity and versatility. Lululemon makes a series of althleisure vests (gilets) made for active individuals and they are seriously stylish. We love this option for women because it's super warm whilst having a flattering shape. For men, this streamlined vest would be perfect for travelling to and from a hitting session as well as wearing during the office commute. 

In this price range, you can find some great jacket options from a variety of brands that focus on quality and technical detailing. Alo is known for their premium yoga wear but many of their pieces would work well for playing tennis, including this funky and functional jacket. L'Etolie Sport made a fleecy pullover that certainly crosses over from court to the street. 

14. A pandemic-proof way to keep playing tennis

With the pandemic resulting in restrictions that often impact tennis, playing solo is something that is on people's radar for the first time. Enter Swinger, a newly launched B2C ball machine. About the same weight as a checked bag and easy to transport and store, the ball machine is truly in a category of it's own. The battery life lasts 4 hours (longer than any civilised session!) and the bag stores about 75 tennis balls. It has a remote control which is ideal for using it alone, as well as a detachable piece that allows the bag to swivel and deliver deadly kill drills. Find out more here.

15. Tickets to professional tennis events 

Organising an experience-based gift always goes over well - they're inherently thoughtful and the memories from the event last longer than physical presents. In the case of tennis fans, getting tickets to a pro tennis event is the ultimate present. 

Some events are more challenging to attend than others (ahem, Wimbledon!), but we have researched and documented the various avenues available to secure tickets so you don't have to spend hours undertaking that work yourself.  

For Wimbledon 

Guide to getting tickets

Event guide to attending the event

For the US Open 

Event guide including how to get tickets

For Top ATP 250 & 500 Events 

Event information including how to get tickets

Kristin Price
Kristin Price


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