It's all in the details

It's all in the details

by Alan May 08, 2019

At Epirus we are constantly striving to come up with innovative design solutions to solve the myriad problems with traditional racket bags.

With this in mind, in February 2019 we launched the Everyday Collection which includes the Borderless Backpack (in black, grey and blue), the Transition Tote, the Dynamic Duffel and accessories which include a waterproof wet bag and neoprene grip covers.

In the process of developing this collection we wanted to ensure each of the bags catered to specific use cases where traditional rackets bags fall short. We also made sure that the bags were rich in features that we knew would add value to active individuals, both on and off the court. Our product development process is based on customer centricity because our overriding goal is to make carrying Epirus bags a delightful experience.

Here is a rundown of the top six design flaws often found in racket bags produced by traditional brands and the ways in which we creatively sought to make drastic improvements.

Widespread pain point: Zippers on tennis backpacks slip around and easily come undone over time

Our solution: Both our Borderless Backpack and Transition Tote have automatically locking zippers that stay put at any angle you choose. So in addition to the rackets being secured, you can angle them to the side for added comfort when cycling or wearing a ponytail.  

Epirus Borderless Backpack | Everyday Racket Bag Collection


Widespread pain point: Lack of padding and dedicated pockets means that you have to carry a second bag with your tech equipment in addition to your traditional racket bag

Our solution: All of our bags have dedicated, padded pockets which keep your valuable and fragile tech equipment separate from your sports gear.

 Epirus Borderless Backpack | Everyday Racket Bag Collection | Internal view


Widespread pain point: Most tennis bags are either too bulky or too small to be versatile.

Our solution: Our three bag styles are designed to accommodate various use cases but there is a common thread: they all fit at least 2 rackets of any type as well as work and sports gear in tailored pockets.

Epirus Dynamic Duffel | Everyday Racket Bag Collection | Internal view


Widespread pain point: Most tennis bags are heavily branded and brightly colored with the pallet du jour. Thus, they clash with street clothes and go out of style quickly.

Our solution: All of our bags are made in neutral colors and have subtle branding. The result is they look equally refined with jeans and a jumper or your tennis whites. They also work year round and have a timeless aesthetic.

 Epirus Borderless Backpack | Everday Racket Bag Collection | Female Model with bag


Widespread pain point: Dirty tennis kit often requires a plastic bag to ensure it doesn’t soil the rest of the contents in the bag.

Our solution: We created a reusable, sealable wet bag that fits both tennis kit and shoes to make sure they don’t contaminate the other contents of your bag.

Epirus Wet Bag | Everyday Collection


Widespread pain point: Even if you have an immaculate brand new bag, the overall look is tarnished if you have dirty grip covers sticking out the top.

Our solution: We have designed slick neoprene grip covers to hide grips that are no longer pristine. And added bonus? If you get caught in the rain your grips will stay dry on the way to your club.

 Epirus Transition Tote & Borderless Backpack | Everyday Racket Bag Collection


We merely chose six out of a plethora of features offered across the Everyday Collection. Check out the individual listings for each bag to find out more details. 

Alan Kelly
Alan Kelly


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