Which tennis bag is right for you?

Which tennis bag is right for you?

Written by Kristin October 12, 2020

Which is the best tennis bag?

What is the best tennis bag? It won't surprise you to hear there is no such thing. The answer depends on what you're looking for. 

To help you try to make sense of all the various options available, this article systematically goes through which bags suit different people, the items they fit and how the bags are designed to be used.  Let's dive right in...


Player profile: Gear minimalist; has hour-long hitting sessions and then heads straight to the next event in their packed diary  

Bag contents: One or two rackets, small personal items (i.e. phone, wallet, keys etc), tablet, water bottle and can of balls    

How the bag is used: The small dimensions of the bag make it ideal to use both on and off the court. Playing an hour of doubles and then heading to drinks directly afterwards is a common scenario for tote owners. Some totes are ultra-feminine and resemble large handbags with trendy colourful prints. 

If your go-to look is more on the refined athleisure end of spectrum, check out the brand new ‘Transition Tote’ available as a part of the Epirus Everyday Collection.

Epirus London Transition Tote


Player profile: Constantly on the go (potentially an avid cyclist) with a moderately casual lifestyle 

Bag contents: One or two rackets, small personal items, tennis apparel, laptop, water bottle and can of balls 

How the bag is used: Backpack owners are likely to pop the bag over their shoulder and cycle to the courts for a hit. A backpack is probably too small for tournament use but it's ideal for regular hitting sessions.  Divided into different sections and pockets, the backpack is a smart option for people who value having a specific location for the contents they’re porting around. 

Most tennis backpacks are brightly-colored and heavily branded, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you prefer a more understated, modern aesthetic with the same utility, check out the ‘Borderless Backpack’ in the Epirus Everyday Collection.

Epirus London Borderless Backpack (Blue)

3 Racket Bags

Player profile: Casual and recreational tennis players 

Bag contents: One to three rackets, small personal items, warm up gear, water bottle and a can of balls 

How the bag is used: A basic bag for getting your tennis equipment from A to B. Given the small size and hence light weight, they are primarily carried using the top handle but normally also come with a shoulder strap.

6 Racket Bags

Player profile: Graduated from junior and/or college tennis but still competing on a regular basis and routinely breaking strings 

Bag contents: Up to 6 rackets, small personal items, two sets of tennis apparel, warm up gear, water bottle, extra string, grips and a couple cans of balls 

How the bag is used: This bag is designed to use when competing in a tournament and it’s vital to have space for all your tennis-related accessories as well as multiple outfits at your disposal for back-to-back matches. When fully packed these bags can get rather heavy so it’s convenient to pop them in a car for transport. Many people fitting this profile choose a bag based on a long-term affinity for a specific racket brand.

Club Tennis Bags

Player profile: Keen tennis players that have a wide array of sports among their hobbies 

Bag contents: Two or three rackets, small personal items, tennis apparel, change of clothes, laptop, water bottle and can of balls 

How the bag is used: Club tennis bags do not fully enclose your rackets. However the non-racket shape of the bag makes it attractive to use for a long list of activities including group fitness classes, all other racket sports, going to the gym and even overnight trips. If you don’t fancy carrying a bright club bag emblazoned with a tennis brand name on it, opt for the refined 24 hour bag in the Epirus Signature Collection.  

Epirus London 24 Hour Bag

8-12 racket bags

Player profile: Competitive junior, college or professional tennis players that practice several times a week and have full tournament schedules 

Bag contents: What doesn’t fit in this massive bag? Up to 12 rackets (a tad excessive unless you’re on the pro circuit) plus all the tennis gear and accessories a player could possibly need. 

How the bag is used: This is a roomy single-use bag for a dedicated, elite tennis player. While you wouldn’t consider using this bag for anything other than playing tennis, it’s the go-to option if much of your life is devoted to excelling at the sport.

Duffel / Weekend Bags

Player profile: Working professionals who play tennis as their main sport  

Bag contents: Two to four rackets, small personal items, tennis apparel, change of clothes, laptop, water bottle and can of balls 

How the bag is used: Compact enough to carry from the court to work or to use for travel, a bag this size can store everything you need if you’re working and doing sport in the same day. When fully stuffed the bag is still a manageable weight so there is no issue if walking for considerable distances. 

 If you want all this versatility and functionality in a bag that isn’t racket shaped, brightly-coloured and branded to the max, check out Epirus ‘Dynamic Duffel’. If your go-to aesthetic is more classic as opposed to modern / sporty, there are two Weekend bags in the Signature Collection worth a closer look.

Epirus London Dynamic Duffel

Tournament Pro Bags

Player profile: Professional tennis player 

Bag contents: This bag is often carried in addition to a racket bag and holds extra apparel, snacks, extra shoes and warm ups. 

How the bag is used: The holdall contains a variety of accessories that don’t fit into a racket bag full of rackets. On a slightly cynical level, it’s also another piece of merchandise for the player to model and the brand to sell. The dimensions and shape of the bag make it flexible beyond the sport of tennis and viable as a piece of luggage.  

We hope you've found the summary of tennis bags enlightening and a useful supplement to your research.

Kristin Price
Kristin Price


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